A milestone attribute (or field) is used to store a specific value.

Adding a milestone attribute

Add a new milestone attribute. From the Type drop-down, select milestone. When a milestone is a global attribute, it can be discovered as a search result.

To add a milestone attribute
  1. From the application toolbar, click Setup, and then select Customization.
  2. Select the Attributes Setup tab.
  3. Select the Attributes tab.
  4. Click New.
  5. Name the new attribute. The system name will be generated automatically.
  6. From the Type drop-down, select milestone.
  7. From the Rollup Type drop-down, select none (default, no roll-up), min (selects the lowest value or earliest date from an attribute's direct descendent values), or max (selects the highest value or latest date from an attribute's direct descendent values). An attribute with a rollup type other than none will be saved as a global attribute.
  8. Select Global to make the attribute a global attribute. A global attribute is required for all work item types and optional for any work type.
  9. Select Searchable to allow users to search for the attribute in the Projects and Reports modules.
  10. Milestone attributes are always part of an attribute list. Under List Attributes, choose an attribute list to which the milestone attribute will be associated. Milestone attributes are always dimensioned, but they cannot use MathML calculations.
  11. Click Save.