Product Owner Storyboard

A storyboard (or card wall) can be used to help track the work item status during a sprint. For example, a storyboard could have the following phases:

While working in a storyboard, you can drag any work item from one column to another. Click the plus symbol to view quick details, such as name, work (estimated and remaining), and status. Click the name of any story to view its details, such as its name, description, acceptance criteria, work (estimated and remaining), status, priority, owners (development, test, and product), notes, and so on.

Serena Agile Planner includes two out-of-the-box storyboards, one for use by product owners as part of their planning activities, and one for use by teams as part of their sprint activities.

Once a specific backlog has been chosen, the same basic collection of actions are available: edit a work item and view a work item. A work item can be selected, and then moved to other phases in the storyboard using drag-and-drop.

Sprint Storyboard