Widget Wireup

A Widget Wireup is used to make associations between widgets. For example, you could use a wireup to associate a List widget and a Summary View widget so that work item details are opened in a Summary View when that work item is selected in a List. And then when updated information is saved in the Summary View, that data will then be refreshed in the List.


Each widget wireup is configured as a one-way relationship between two widgets, where the publish event in one widget determines the subscriber action in another.

Widget Wireup: relationships between widgets, publish and subscriber settings.

In the diagram above, the numbers correspond to the following:
  1. The wireup itself, and the relationship that will be configured.
  2. The ID and type of widget.
  3. The publisher settings for the wireup. A wireup listens for a specific event (Publish Event) that is being broadcast by a specific widget (Publisher ID).
  4. The subscriber settings for the wireup. A wireup takes a specific action (Subscriber Action) on a specific widget (Subscriber ID).

Many wireup relationships can be configured as pairs, such as the release, sprint, and task burndown charts that are included in the out-of-the-box configuration of Serena Agile Planner. In these cases, the wireup relationships are configured to show the backlog associated with the selected burndown chart.

Widget Wireup: an example of the Release Burndown view from the out-of-the-box configuration of Agile On Demand.

For example, a wireup could be added to a Backlog widget that is configured to listen for the onsave event to be triggered from a Summary View widget. When a team member clicks Save Icon Save in the Summary View widget, the wireup will then tell the Backlog widget to update the work item (using the Wire_UpdateRow publish event).

Widget Wireup: side-by-side. User can select a work item in a backlog and then view work item details in a summary view. When the summary view is saved, the work item is also updated in the backlog.

You can also create multiple wireup relationships between widgets, as long as there isn't more than one configured relationship between widgets for each publish event or subscriber action.

Widget Wireup: multiple.