PES_WBSDefinition stores general properties for specific work breakdown structures.


Name Type Length Description
wbs_UID int 4 The system may have multiple sets of containment rules for agile work items, associated with an investment type. By default there is only one, associated with Project.
wbs_SystemName nvarchar 400 The system name of the work breakdown structure.
wbs_DisplayName nvarchar 400 The display name of the work breakdown structure.
nsp_UID int 4 Foreign key to the PES_Namespace table

Agile Planner Representation

The work breakdown structure properties stored in the PES_WBSDefinition table are represented in Agile Planner in the Configuration | Types Setup view, under the Work Hierarchy tab.


SQL Example

FROM PES_WBSDefinition 
wbs_UID     wbs_SystemName    wbs_DisplayName  nsp_UID
----------- ----------------- ---------------- -------
1           Basic             Basic            3