PES_ListDependency stores dependencies for list attributes, as defined from the Attributes Setup | Attributes Dependencies view in Agile.


Name Type Length Description
att_ParentUID int 4 Parent attribute ID.
att_ChildUID int 4 Child attribute ID.
nsp_UID int 4 Namespace ID.

Agile Planner Representation

Dependencies for list attributes are represented in Agile Planner in the Configuration | Attributes Setup view, under the Attributes Dependencies tab.


SQL Example

FROM PES_ListDependency 
SELECT p.att_Name as'Parent', c.att_Name as'Child'
FROM PES_ListDependency pc
      INNERJOIN PES_Attribute p ON pc.att_ParentUID = p.att_UID
      INNERJOIN PES_Attribute c ON pc.att_ChildUID = c.att_UID  
att_ParentUID att_ChildUID nsp_UID
------------- ------------ -----------
250           129          3  
Parent       Child
------------ -------
Completed    Status