PES_List stores information about list type attributes.


Name Type Length Description
lst_UID int 4 List attribute ID.
lst_Name nvarchar 100 List attribute name.
lst_Name sysname 100 List attribute name.
lst_Description nvarchar 510 List attribute description.
lst_Description sysname 510 List attribute description.
atyp_UID smallint 2 Attribute type ID.
lst_ParentUID int 4 Parent ID.
nsp_UID int 4 Namespace ID.
lst_UserModified bit 1 Whether the attribute is user-modifiable.
lst_XMLName nvarchar 100 Unique XML name of the list attribute.
lst_XMLName sysname 100 Unique XML name of the list attribute.

Agile Planner Representation

Information stored in the PES_List table is represented in Agile Planner in the Configuration | Attributes Setup view, under the Lists tab.