Agile 2010 R2 Readme

Serena Software, Inc.
September 2010

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that Customers deploy all service releases, service packs and patches to a test environment before deploying to a production environment. A test environment should have:

After deploying to the test environment, testing should be performed on all user activities prior to deployment in production. Proper industry practice is to always complete a backup before deploying software, including new installs or updates of any kind. Thus, before deploying this release, the host environment should be prepared as follows:


If this is the first time you have installed Agile on the server, follow the detailed instructions in the Serena Agile Deployment Guide.

To install this release, you must first upgrade the application and then migrate the database. The steps needed to migrate your database depend on the version of the application that you are currently using. Performing a migration using tools that don’t match your version can result in database corruption. It is critical that you follow the correct upgrade and migration path. Detailed installation steps for each path can be found on the KB:

What's New

The following features and activities are new in Serena Agile:

Sprint Task Board Enhancements

We have enhanced the Sprint Task Board view to allow organizations to configure the task states along with the ability to track actual time spent on a task in-line. Also, we have provided the ability for teams to hide completed stories on the task board in order to optimize the view so the team can focus only on the remaining sprint work left to complete.

Serena Business Manager Platform Integration

We have enhanced our SBM integration to bring full lifecycle Agile planning and tracking support to your SBM requests and defects. Using the Agile connector for SBM, Product Owners can assign SBM requests and defects to Agile backlogs for prioritization and decomposition into user stories and tasks. SBM requests and defects can be drag/dropped within Agile backlog views to plan releases and sprints. Teams can use the Agile Task Board view to task out SBM requests and defects and to track progress during sprints.

All changes and additions are automatically synchronized with SBM so that developers can use existing SBM integrations with IDEs and SCM tools to view and update their assigned tasks. Status updates automatically flow back into Agile and SBM so that the team can use the Agile Task Board during daily standup and plan their day as well as get up-to-date status reports from SBM.


For a complete list of fixes in Serena Agile 2010 R2, refer to this query in the Serena Support Knowledgebase.

Known Issues

Sprint and Team Values not Synchronized with SBM Connector

In certain circumstances, when using the SBM Connector to Agile, the attribute values for sprint and team fields are not synchronized correctly. This occurs when you move work items in Agile from a sprint to a release. The team and sprint values are not synchronized correctly back to the corresponding items in SBM.