You can use the Rate Editor dialog box to add, modify, and delete resource rates used for resource allocations. Add an attribute rate for a Timephased - FTE or a Timephased - UNITS attribute. If you add a new rate, the rate for the resource will be the new rate starting at the selected date. Click the Rates button to open the Rate Editor dialog box. If you are allocating a resource to a work item, the default rate for that resource can be changed during the allocation.

It may be important for your organization to limit access to who can define resource role rates. They affect resource costs when resources are allocated to items and every calculation that is based on those resource allocations. Any change to a resource rate may also require changes to labor attribute mapping.

Adding a rate

Open the Resource Role Rates dialog box to associate rates with resource roles. The default rates ($ per hour) are defined for each resource role. It's important to limit access who in your organization can add, modify, or delete a resource role rate, since they affect resource costs when they are allocated to items. All calculations based on resource role rates; therefore, changes to resource rates may also require changes to labor attribute mapping.

To add a rate
  1. Open the Resources module.
  2. Select the Resource Roles tab.
  3. Select a resource role.
  4. In the lower pane, click Rates.
  5. In the Resource Role Rates dialog box, click New Rate to add a new rate.
  6. Specify the date upon which the rate takes effect, add the rate (per hour), and provide comments (if necessary).
  7. Click Save.

Deleting a rate

Delete a rate for a resource allocation.

To delete a rate
  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. Select a work item.
  3. Select the Team Roster tab.
  4. Select a resource.
  5. In the lower pane, select the Allocation tab.
  6. Click Rates.
  7. In the Allocation Rates dialog box, select the rate you want to delete and click Delete.
  8. Click OK.