The FilterRule type represents a single rule used to filter items returned in a query. An array of FilterRule values is contained in the GetItems method.


Parameter Datatype Description
key string The XML system name of the attribute to filter on.
op string The comparison operator. If multiple filter rules are specified, they are ORed together. If the filter value is null, then the attribute will be tested for nullity. The comparison operators can be as follows:
  • eq, =, == EQUAL The filter value matches the attribute value exactly.
  • ne, !=, <> NOT EQUAL The filter value does not match the attribute value.
  • lt, < LESS THAN The attribute value is less than the filter value.
  • gt, > GREATER THAN The attribute value is greater than the filter value.
String, list, and URL attributes should only be used with the EQUAL and NOT EQUAL filter rules.
value string The attribute value to compare.