A resource attribute (or field) is used to identify a specific resource, such as Development Owner, QA Owner, and Owner. The resources that are available from a resource field include all of the resources who are currently available in the application.

Adding a resource attribute

Add a new attribute. From the Type drop-down, select resource.

To add a resource attribute
  1. From the application toolbar, click Setup, and then select Customization.
  2. Select the Attributes Setup tab.
  3. Select the Attributes tab.
  4. Click New.
  5. Name the new attribute. The system name will be generated automatically.
  6. From the Type drop-down, select resource.
  7. Select Global to make the attribute a global attribute. A global attribute is required for all work item types and optional for any work type.
  8. Select Searchable to allow users to search for the attribute in the Projects and Reports modules.
  9. Click Save.