Team Roles

Agile organizations are comprised of the following basic roles:

Role Description
Product Owner

An individual who represents the voice of the customer and manages what is in (or not in) a backlog (product, release, and sprint) and the priority of work.


An individual who facilitates the team during a sprint, including running daily standup, tracking velocity, and dealing with impediments that may have been identified by team members.


An individual or group of individuals who sponsor a project and/or have some level of interest in the successful completion of that project. A stakeholder can be a member of the team itself, such as a tester or a developer, or they can be someone external to the team, such as executive management or the customer.

Team Member

A team member is a member of a team. A team comprises all of the team members who commit to all of the work required to complete a single story during a single sprint, including all tasks and dependencies that are related to that story.